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Application Issues + Tips

You'll need a base, activator, and top coat. Follow the instructions for your liquids.

Darker powders can temporarily stain your natural nail due to their heavily pigmented nature. To prevent this, apply a base dip of clear.

This is common in darker pigmented colors. To insure color consistency, top off your dip with 1-2 dips in clear. Then finish as usual.

Try tapping the jar gently to expose more of the glitter. Also try "laying" your nail into the powder vs. dipping or the pour over method.

It's exactly how it sounds. Instead of dipping or laying your nail into the powder, you pour the powder over your nail for application. Some prefer this method and say they get a smoother finish.

This is likely what's called "dip flu." It's caused from inhaling the fumes from the liquids and powders for an extended period of time.

Try using a mask and doing your nails in a well ventilated area.

If you continue to have these symptoms, explore the Gel method for application.

Did you apply using the gel method? Gel liquids and UV curiing can cause powders to change colors within hours. Other culprits can include sunscreen, chlorine, and sun exposure.

Shipping and Returns

Due to the nature of the product, returns cannot be accepted and refunds cannot be given. If you have a problem with your order, feel free to reach out.

Once your package is handed off to the carrier and tracking number provided, it is no longer my responsibility. Should your order be damaged in transit, contact the carrier and use your tracking number as a reference to file a claim for refund.

Should your order be lost in transit, please reach out to the carrier and fill out a Package Inquiry.

We do provide Shipping Insurance through Route.

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If USPS confirms a correct delivery, contact the police and file a report.

We do provide Shipping Insurance for all orders at an additional cost. Bombshell Nail Co. is not responsible for stolen items.

Quality Control and Brand Standards

Yes! It can be quite normal for a jar to appear half full. Our powders are filled by weight so depending on the ingredients used, the level of the jar can vary.