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Waterslide Application

What You'll Need:

Tacky Nail Base
Tweezers (optional)
Cup of water 2"-3" deep
No Smudge or Gel Top Coat
UV Lamp for Curing (optional - only for gel method)

Prep your nail by either applying tacky base, no smudge dip top coat (must be no smudge, not regular dip liquids), or gel and allow to dry. Our waterslide decals and nail wraps will loo the best over a light-color base.

Cut your waterslide as close to the design as you can. It is okay to cut inside the decal to make it smaller if you have small nail beds.

Using your tweezers, place your waterslide in the water for 10-20 seconds until it is visibly saturated.

Remove waterslide from water and slide it off of the backing paper with your fingers.

Place the waterslide on your nail. Here you can gently manipulate the waterslide to fit and move for placement. If the waterslide gets dry, dab some water to saturate again.

Gently pat dry and allow waterslide to continue to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.

For the longest lasting decal, apply a later of clear dip and finish as normal. Or, simply your favorite no smudge top coat or gel top coat and cure.

PRO TIP: If you have trouble with bubbles or wrinkles, simply slice a small hold and pat down where the decal has bubbled or winkled. Cut cut small slits where your cuticle line will be to prevent wrinkling. Use a makeup sponge to pat down and remove excess water.

DISCLAIMER: Bombshell Nail Co. does not guarantee the performance of your wraps and decals if you use dip liquids. Dip liquids are extremely corrosive and will eat away at the wrap/decal.